Our Hair Extensions

sapna yaki hair extensions

European Weave

Super straight Hair Extensions, ideal to add body, length and colour to any hair type.

Each hair is individually picked, matched and then particularly processed to prolong life and exceed colour, allowing the hair to be styled using hot rollers, straightening irons, curling tongs and other hot hair appliances.

sapna european weave


Yaki Hair has a slight coarse texture to match both relaxed Afro Caribbean and relaxed European hair. The quality of the hair is very silky and smooth, leaving your hair tangle free and manageable.

sapna french deep culr

French Deep Curl and Bulk

French Deep Curl wefts are made up of tight spiral curls that add volume and movement to any style. These hair extensions have a long lasting lustre and feel, giving the hair a natural look at all times, even after washing.

sapna french jerry curl

French Jerry Curl and Bulk

French Jerry Curl extensions have short and soft curl ringlets running from top to tail. Whilst this hair being spiral shaped, it is more than easy to maintain and manage as the hair is soft to touch and completely tangle free.